The giant in electronic scooters, Bird has commissioned this short film directed by BAT and produced by Not to Scale. 
This lovely eco-friendly film takes us on an adventure as a lonely line painter decides he has had enough of traffic and decides to take traffic into his own hands.
Post production was done at Red Knuckles.
Produced at Not to Scale / Dan O'Rourke
Producer: Edward Tull, Dan O'Rourke
Directed by: BAT
character designer: Margaux Rosiau
Head of CG
Mario Ucci, Rick Thiele

CG Supervisor
Clarisse Valeix

Lead 3D Animators
Simone Giampaolo
Fabrice Fiteni

3D Animators
Daniel Meitin Roca
Edwin Leeds
Francesca Salvatore
Krissy Josephides

2D Animation
Phil Askins

Texturing, Lighting & Rendering
Jean Baptiste Aziere
Jeremy Cissé 
Victor Trovato

Agathe Trebosc
Antoine Foulot
Jean Baptiste Aziere
Jeremy Cissé 
Jorge Mazariegos

Felipe Bassi, Jose Linares

Kipp Case

Assistant Modelling & Rigging
Noémie Halberstam

Matte Painting
Clement Danveau

Red Knuckles Producer
Pedro Lino

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