Here is a film we did in China and Australia for Fanta with the teen pop band Tfboys and the iconic Fanta characters.
Here is a fun making of to give an idea of the shoot!
It has been such a challenge, short schedule, big ideas! We developed the film with Passion pictures Australia (huge thanks to Katie Mackin, Gerri Maccarthy and Kate Baldwin, this could not have existed without you!),  and the agency Ogilvy Shanghai was on board, we can’t thank them enough for trusting us in this adventure (special thanks to Charlie Macpherson!). 

The shoot happened in Beijing and we had the chance to work with an amazing crew (special thanks to Carrot films, the AD Howe Cheng and the DOP Simon Hau) and of course the band Tfboys, Roy KArry and Jackson, have been positive and fun throughout the day! 

Then we headed to Australia and started the real production. First off, we want to thank the crazy talented Daniel Cacouault for working on the first designs and concepts for the film, it has been such a honour for us.
We also got lucky to work with David Colin, who has been doing such a good job on the edit, from during the shoot to the end!
And of course, the project could not have been done without the crazy team at Blackbird. They did such a huge amount of work in so little time, they worked so hard and made it happen exactly the way we envisioned it. We feel so lucky, many thank to them, and special thanks to Nick and Sam!

From start to finish, this has been a crazy ride. You don’t often get to build a rollercoaster made of fuzzy fanta liquid and a whole Fanta world populated with the amazing fanta cg characters every day. And it you throw the teen phenomenon TFBoys in the mix, this becomes an epic project!

Client: Coca Cola, Shanghai 
Project: Fanta China 2016
Product: Fanta
Title: ‘Orange World'
Length: 2 x 30” TVC & 2x15” direct cutdowns

Agency: Ogilvy Shanghai
Creative Director: Fiona Chen
Art Director: Catherine Kho
Account Executive: Kerwin Lin
Head of Creative Content: Charlie Macpherson

Production Company: Passion Pictures Australia
Executive Producer: Katie Mackin
Producer: Geraldine McCarthy

Local Production Company: Carrot Films
Producer: Steven Ng
AD: Howe Cheng 
DOP: Simon Hau
Editor: David Colin

Post Production: Blackbird, Sydney
VFX Supervisor: Nick Ponzoni
Executive Producer: Sam Hall
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