We are very proud to share with you a series of 3 commercials we directed for PETRO with the amazing Tendril team.
We were asked to create cute little stories about the Petro store and Petro Points. We had the chance to work with already existing designs yet had a little bit of time to refine the beaver characters.
The result is charming, we couldn't be happier, all thanks to the great crew at tendril!

Client: Petro Spot Title(s): “World of More – Petro Points” 
Air Date: February 2017 
Agency: JP / TBWA ACD: Don Embree, Bart Smith 
AD: Sarah Quinto 
Copy: Julia Forrester 
Producer: Martina Esguerra 
Account Director: Helen Winfield Group 
Account Director: Chad Brooks 
Design + Animation: Tendril 
Creative Leads: Chris Bahry, Alex Torres
EP: Kate Bate 
Animation Director: Bat Collective
HOP / Producer: Mary Anne Ledesma 
Coordinator: Brittany Sheahan 
Storyboard / Animatic: Bat Collective 
Beaver Design: Vini Nascimento 
TD: Ben Pilgrim 
Modelers: Carlos Torres, Marcelo Souza, Sergei Falaleyev 
Texture Artists: Brad Husband, Alexandre Veaux 
Animation / Layout: Florent Arnould, Will Sharkey, Matt Walker 
FX: Rafael Santos 
Riggers: Richard Zyo, James do Carmo 
Light & Compositing: Brad Husband, Alexandre Veaux 
Music Co: Eggplant Collective 
Composer(s): Eggplant Collective & Sean Hayden 
Audio Producer: Adam Damelin/Nicola Treadgold 
Audio Engineer: Nathan Handy
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