Here is also the trailer below
And here is its first poster!
Starring Paul Hassal as Jim.
Written, directed, designed and edited by Bali Engel and Matthieu Landour
Produced by Nomint
Music by Tom Haines recorded at Brains And Hunch
Music assistant Laura Selby
Clarinets and Flute by Toby Kelly
Post Production Sound by Fonic
Sound supervisors Jake Roberts and Barnaby Templer
Sound Design and Mix by Barnaby Templer
Voice record/ Edit by JM Finch
Foley Artist Sue Harding
Foley record / Edit Christopher Swaine
Sound Assistant Rory Hunter
Voice of girl by Bali Engel
Monster voices Leo Fin and Flo Templer
Main Animation by Christine Jaudoin Matt Partridge and Richard Smithson
Additional Animation by Delphine Delannoy, Bali Engel, Barry Evans, Camille Ferrari, Harriet Gillian, Thomas Knowles, Matthieu Landour, Zih-Rong Lu, Laura Jayne Perkins, Michael Towers, Maki Yoshikura
Compositing by Delphine Delannoy, Bali Engel and Matthieu Landour
Special thanks to Thibaut Chatel, Chris Cray, Anna Garcia Gonzales, Yannis Konstantinidis, Christos Lefakis, Nefeli Petika, Marilena Vatseri, Pascal Wyse, and many thanks to the Engel Landour family

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